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French boy names The table below contains the most popular French names and names of Old French origin that have been given to baby boys in the USA during the last hundred years (1905 through 2004).  The rank and count values are based on U.S. Social Security Administration counts for the one thousand most popular names given to baby boys in each of these years.  This list and other similar tables on this site can help you research the history and find the meaning of many popular ethnic names for your baby boy!
French Boy Name Meanings and Popularity
Name Derivation or Meaning Rank Usage
Dennis means of Dionysus. 1 604,394
Russell means red-haired. 2 337,205
Travis means toll-taker. 3 276,147
Curtis means courteous. 4 246,489
Leroy means royal. 5 189,904
Vernon means alder tree. 6 140,803
Harvey means eager for battle. 7 106,896
Andre means manly. 8 101,007
Mason means stone carver or worker. 9 84,548
Chase means chase or hunt. 10 83,395
Guy means forest guide. 11 81,570
Marshall means one who cares for horses. 12 76,867
Marion means bitter or defiant. 13 65,145
Oliver means olive tree. 14 61,949
Tracy is derived from the name of an area in France. 15 59,414
Lyle means the island. 16 53,934
Geoffrey means peace. 17 51,857
Cesar is an alternate form of Caesar. 18 47,948
Wyatt means little fighter. 19 44,222
Rene means reborn. 20 44,021
Noel means Christmas. 21 36,786
Damien is an alternate form of Damian. 22 31,943
Orville means golden town. 23 31,826
Merle means blackbird. 24 28,269
Lionel means young lion. 25 25,506
Tyson means firebrand. 26 24,405
Garland means wreath. 27 21,790
Antoine is an alternate form of Anthony. 28 21,469
Deandre is a combination of the prefix De and the name Andre. 29 20,428
Courtney means domain of Curtis or short nose. 30 19,640
Beau means beautiful. 31 18,701
Dominique is an alternate form of Dominic. 32 18,545
Marlin means little hawk. 33 18,043
Marquis means ruler of the borderlands. 34 18,040
Bennett is a variation of Benedict. 35 15,203
Pierre is a variation of Peter. 36 14,582
Russel is a variation of Russell. 37 14,431
Noe is an alternate form of Noah. 38 13,772
Seymour means marshy land near the sea. 39 12,045
Forest means woods. 40 11,190
Leonel is an alternate form of Lionel. 41 9,163
Royal means royal. 42 8,064
Justice means judge or officer of justice. 43 8,052
Orval is a variation of Orville. 44 6,769
Jacques is a variation of Jacob. 45 6,211
Gaylord means lively. 46 5,188
Granville means big town. 47 3,779
Giles means young goat. 48 2,337
Gael is of unknown meaning. 49 1,422
Marshal is a variation of Marshall. 50 314
Burke means fortress dweller. 51 115
Actual usage of French names shown on this page may be slightly higher than the indicated usage values.  Of course these names are widely used for boys in France as well!  See the Social Security card applications information for qualifiers about this data.

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