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Irish boy names The table below contains the most popular Irish names and Gaelic-origin names that have been given to baby boys in the USA during the last hundred years (1905 through 2004).  The rank and count values are based on U.S. Social Security Administration counts for the one thousand most popular names given to baby boys in each of these years.  This list and other similar tables on this site can help you research the history and find the meaning of many popular ethnic names for your baby boy!
Irish Boy Name Meanings and Popularity
Name Derivation or Meaning Rank Usage
Kevin means handsome. 1 1,068,968
Ryan means descendent of Rian. 2 767,528
Cody means son of Otto. 3 248,425
Glenn is a variation of Glen. 4 241,561
Melvin means great chief. 5 232,447
Troy means soldier. 6 191,827
Barry means pointed object. 7 177,711
Cameron means crooked river. 8 173,628
Shane is an alternate form of Sean. 9 164,891
Logan means hollow in a meadow. 10 142,844
Glen means narrow valley. 11 121,429
Devin means fawn or little black one. 12 114,196
Duane means dark-skinned. 13 112,692
Connor means dog lover. 14 104,098
Garrett means brave with a spear. 15 103,516
Casey means vigilant. 16 99,681
Kelly means warrior. 17 79,291
Tyrone means land of Owen. 18 73,983
Brendan may be derived from a surname. 19 70,342
Riley means brave. 20 51,035
Shannon is derived from the name of a river in Ireland. 21 49,519
Kerry is derived from the name of a county in Ireland. 22 47,905
Brady means large chested. 23 46,552
Aidan is an alternate form of Aodhan. 24 43,373
Nolan means little proud one. 25 39,510
Donovan means dark. 26 35,363
Grady means famous. 27 33,250
Liam is an alternate form of William. 28 30,456
Doyle means black stranger. 29 28,803
Blaine means thin. 30 25,586
Conner is a variation of Connor. 31 24,363
Boyd means blond. 32 23,893
Braden means descendent of Bradan. 33 22,252
Desmond means from south Munster. 34 20,828
Brennan means sorrow. 35 17,689
Quinn means descendent of Cuinn. 36 16,293
Kermit means free of jealousy. 37 15,537
Conor is a variation of Connor. 38 14,622
Keegan means descendent of Aodhagan. 39 14,442
Keenan is an alternate form of Cianan. 40 12,577
Monroe means red marsh. 41 12,202
Brody means ditch. 42 12,062
Hoyt means spirit. 43 5,736
Mac means son. 44 5,140
Arlen means pledge. 45 4,396
Declan is of unknown meaning. 46 3,263
Melvyn is a variation of Melvin. 47 2,844
Arlin means pledge. 48 1,963
Delano means black or of the night. 49 1,612
Gannon means fair-complexioned. 50 647
Nevin means holy. 51 304
Rian means little king. 52 256
Sheridan means wild man. 53 95
Actual usage of Irish names shown on this page may be slightly higher than the indicated usage values.  Of course these names are widely used for boys in Ireland as well!  See the Social Security card applications information for qualifiers about this data.

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